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City of Greensboro resident discounts are not currently offered for online Membership purchases. To receive this discount, City of Greensboro residents must purchase Memberships in person from our Membership Desk during regular operating hours. A photo ID with a valid City of Greensboro address is required.

Please note that your membership will activate upon date of purchase, except in cases of a gift membership. Bring your confirmation to our Front Desk to have your photos made and membership cards printed.

When purchasing a gift membership, please note the following:

The GSC is unable to ship gift purchase materials to recipients

  • It is the gift purchaser's responsibility to alert the recipient of the gift
  • The recipient must come to the Front Desk with a valid photo ID in order to redeem the gift membership
  • Gift memberships will activate on the day they are redeemed, so long as it is within 90 days of the date of purchase
  • Gift redemption beyond the 90-day window will cause the membership's expiration date to default to one year from the end of said 90-day window



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